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Another distraction for the plebs. Stop following the BS and propaganda, human shaped robots are complete nonsense.

Learn to focus on how to deliver real value to people and businesses with AI, not Terminator wannabes.

AI Deception: How Tech Companies Are Fooling Us

AI is everywhere. Is it all it’s cracked up to be or is it one big scam? Well, as it is for most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle. In this episode we see how, despite some of AI’s useful contributions, the hype has also impacted the tech industry negatively.

OpenAI transcribed over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4

All of these models are based on privatizing the commons, literally the whole of the internet.

This is a very different approach to Google, which basically lives on crediting authors and sending them traffic.

Also, if you ask a model to help you scrape a website, it’ll go on a ethics tirade about how questionable scraping is.…

AI Equivalence in Copilot

the request: “Please draw a room with absolutely no bananas in it”

is equivalent to …

the request: “Please draw a Zen room with some bananas in it”

Large datasets curation as a new business model

The perpetual need for up-to-date data to fuel evolving AI models is undeniable. Entrepreneurs can seize this opportunity by specializing in the curation of vast datasets, catering to industries hungry for fresh insights.

Partnerships between tech giants and data-rich platforms highlight the immense value placed on quality datasets. By mastering the curation process and offering subscription-based access, entrepreneurs can tap into a lucrative market with significant potential for growth.…

What AI and SaaS platforms get wrong

So many AI and SaaS platforms get it wrong

They really think that millions of people are going to spend hours learning how to create great images, text and video.

Nobody – apart from a few early adopters – is going to do that.

If you want to provide a tool with lots of features, go B2B. Focus on creating an ecosystem of agencies and consultants who can get a return on their investment in a learning curve.…

The real AI is about your time

The real AI thing will be some kind of AI agent that can handle all of your online digital interactions, including but not limited to:

– Managing the agenda,
– Writing and answering emails,
– Web browsing and online transactions,
– Summarising and commenting on news stories
– Taking part in meetings and phone calls, etc.

Imagine having an AI agent that efficiently takes care of all your online interactions, meeting with it for 20-30 minutes a day to give further instructions or get updates, and having the rest of the day to think or do whatever you want.…

Open Source vs Private Models

While the performance of GPT-4 Turbo and other closed AI models is improving, open-source models are gaining ground quickly. Recently, China’s 01.AI released an open-source model, Yi-34B, that outperformed its open-source peers on several benchmarks. On MMLU, a benchmark measuring basic knowledge across 57 subjects, for example, Yi-34B scored 76.3%, surpassing the 68.9% and 70.4% of other open-source models like Meta Platforms’ LLaMA2-70B and the TII’s Falcon-180B, respectively.…

Gödel showed with his incompleteness theorems that any consistent formal system strong enough to describe the fundamental properties of arithmetic is necessarily incomplete. This means there will always be true mathematical statements that cannot be proved within the system.

There are several ways out of the Matrix, and maths is just one of them.

Claude 3 notes

Three models of Claude 3: Haiku, Sonet, and Opus.

Haiku is noted as the fastest but less accurate, suitable for customer service. Opus is the most powerful, designed for tougher logic questions. Sonet is in between, serving as the free version. Opus outperforms GPT 4 and Gemini 1.0 Ultra in various benchmarks. Sonet even outperforms GPT 4 in some cases. Claude 3 now includes vision capabilities, surpassing some leading models in certain tasks.…

El Mundo de Ayer: Memorias de un Europeo (S.Zweig)

El mundo de ayer es uno de los más conmovedores y atractivos testimonios de nuestro pasado reciente, escrito además con mano maestra por un europeo empapado de civilización y nostalgia por un mundo, el suyo, que se iba desintegrando a pasos agigantados. Escritor extraordinariamente popular y testigo de excepción de los cambios que convulsionaron la Europa del siglo XX entre las dos guerras mundiales, Zweig recuerda, desposeído y en tierra extraña—en unas circunstancias personales de insospechado dramatismo—, los momentos fundamentales de su vida, paralela en mucho a la desmembración de aquella Europa central que se quería más libre y segura, al abrigo de la locura y la tormenta.…

La Défaite de l’Occident

Todd clearly defines how the 1688 English “Glorious Revolution”, the 1776 American Declaration of Independence and the 1789 French Revolution were the true pillars of the liberal West. Consequently, an expanded “West” is not historically “liberal”, because it also engineered “Italian fascism, German Nazism and Japanese militarism”.

L’implosion de l’URSS a remis l’histoire en mouvement.…

Complexity and Time Traveling

Treating complex systems as networks is an interesting approach, but as the system scales, you quickly run out of computing power to run any simulation.

Scale-free networks lead to emergent properties (e.g. the shape of a fern, a snowflake, a human body or even an idea), which express archetypal forms that exist prior to the network.

An emergent form can’t just appear in this reality because that would imply some kind of ontological paradox, so it becomes or ‘falls’ here according to the appropriate laws of space-time, but from a higher dimensional space where it exists out of time.…

Product management and customer engagement is the real marketing

When you create a new product, there are 2 types of marketing activities: the easy ones and the hard ones.

Easy marketing activities: press releases, brochures, new websites, SEO, social media posts, etc. Most of the time these activities just feed the egos of non-customers, partners, the board, the entrepreneur and industry pundits.

Hard marketing is about engaging customers, finding them, creating a solution for them, making it easy for them to buy from you, and being a trustworthy vendor.…

People expect ChatGPT to be as accurate as an encyclopaedia and as comprehensive as Google. But that’s a misconception. ChatGPT is trained to create content, not to tell the truth.

GPT models require fine-tuning, embedding, plugins, etc. on top of the base model to provide reliable information.

The real added value of ChatGPT lies in the language skills: for the first time you interact with a machine in natural language.…

The Simulation

The mind is capable of seeing the future and navigating alternative realities through inspirations and desires. All these potential realities become objectively real when we focus our attention on them. All of creation in its infinite versions is ready, but it is up to us which part is represented and what role we play, like in a video game. That’s the Simulation.…

Technology adoption is not what you think it is

In the real world, money flows to the ideas that are the easiest to find, or the most familiar. And these are not necessarily the best ones (sorry VCs, you know I´m right).

People in general is not willing to use the newly available technologies because they are complex to understand. These technologies are full of mumbo jumbo which mean nothing to most.

This is what happens in the crypto industry.…

The Great Growth Hoax

If you ever thought that there is something deeply wrong with the economy, you are right.

GDP is not a measure of the standard of living or even economic growth. It is a measure of output — stuff going on as measured in dollar terms, whether necessary, productive, society serving, efficient or not at all.

Essentially, [GDP is measuring] the pace at which we’re going Soviet, replacing private wealth with government waste.

El Infinito es una Ilusión

El infinito es una percepción resultado de un universo con más dimensiones que nosotros.

Si un hombre de 2 dimensiones paseara por la superficie de la tierra llegaría a la conclusión de que ésta es infinita en todas sus direcciones. Y si andara lo suficiente, se encontraría en el mismo punto de partida pero visto desde el otro sentido.

Análogamente el universo nos resulta inabarcable porque no podemos abstraernos al tiempo.…

Custom GPTs are a step in the opposite direction to AGI

Hopefully, sooner or later, people will realise that custom GPTs are not exactly the way to achieve AGI.

Actually having to tell the model which other model to use to perform certain tasks is the exact opposite of AGI.

Among many other things, AGI is solving all your problems online, learning from mistakes, exploring new creative and efficient ways to deliver value, interacting with you as a conscious independent being, etc… and all of this implies that you do not tell the model how to do things, even at an abstract semantic level.…

The Moving Target of Technology

Everyone is confused and stressed about what to build on AI because everyone is focused on a moving target: technology.

No one is talking about what companies really need. The real challenge is not the AI models, the blockchain, the apps and so on, but how to create value.

Technology is a moving target and will remain so. Its only part of the equation: the fundamental part is people.…

Whenever you see someone trying to help “all mankind” with some utopian or impossible proposal, be afraid.

The economies of scale of AI are now working at full speed

The explosion of AI startups in dozens of sectors masks something many of them share: They are increasingly built on top of standardized technology from a few AI giants like OpenAI, Google, and Meta. This puts a premium on strategy over proprietary technology.

La gota de agua que cae es tu conciencia, generando las ondas que hacen el mundo. El mundo empieza por ti mismo: pensamientos, emociones, cuerpo, etc. El espíritu cae en el mundo material y se mezcla con él tomando forma, ya sea directamente como un árbol, o a través de ti.

About GPT-5 in S.Altman Interview

In the interview with Sam Altman, he discusses the unexpected success and transformative impact of ChatGPT and GPT-4, emphasizing their greater usefulness than initially anticipated. He provides insights into GPT-5, highlighting its increased intelligence and capacity to handle longer, more complex problems. Altman envisions a shift towards natural language interfaces for computer interactions, where workflows are conducted inside language models.…