Luis García de la Fuente


Custom ChatGPT is about prompt engineering

Most people assume that we can train or customise ChatGPT with our own data. But while the end result looks like this, things are fundamentally different. Technically no one can train ChatGPT on your data. OAI doesn’t have an option for it.

At the root of this issue is that each chatgpt thread or API request starts a new conversation, which means the model has no natural memory of conversations.…

Being your own category

Ralph Lauren built his $7.54 billion empire & hates ‘fashion’.

“I never thought I was in the fashion business. If somebody said, ‘Are you a fashion designer’, no, I hate fashion.”

That’s the common theme of the .00001%; they exist entirely in their own lane, casting & refining their vision day in and day out.…

Perpetual motion and notions of ‘free energy’ devices

Its basically a particle accelerator; would be interesting to create an electromagnetic canyon using the same concept.

Perpetual motion and notions of ‘free energy’ devices are some of those pseudo-science topics that seem to perpetually hang around, no matter how many times it is explained how this would literally violate the very fabric of the Universe. Even so, the very notion of a device which repeats the same action over and over with no obvious loss of energy is tempting enough that the laws of physics are employed to effect the impossible in a handy desktop format.…

Cpmplexity and Time Traveling

Treating complex systems as networks is an interesting approach, but as the system scales, you quickly run out of computing power to run any simulation.

Scale-free networks lead to emergent properties (e.g. the shape of a fern, a snowflake, a human body or even an idea), which are archetypal forms that exist prior to the network.

An emergent form can’t just appear in this reality because that would imply some kind of ontological paradox, so it “becomes” or “lands” here according to the appropriate laws of space-time, but from a higher dimensional space where it exists out of time.…

Good for SEO isn’t always good for you

What’s good for SEO isn’t always good for you

The best way to get your traffic stolen and confuse customers is to have a generic brand.

This is very bad news for all those who spend fortunes on generic domains for their #startup.

This is one of those examples where the optimal SEO strategy does not coincide with the optimal #branding strategy.

Unless you are fighting exclusively the #SEO battle, DO NOT use generic names for your project/startup.…

Stop building, start shipping

How much should I invest in building my product before launching? The answer is that it depends, but to be honest the best answer is that you should invest zero. Let me explain.

First of all, the term “launch” should be avoided. Only corporations, brands, Musk and the like “launch” things. You don’t launch anything: you want to talk to people and potential customers about your idea.…

The Future is About Transformation, not Disruption

Every technological revolution creates opportunities because it reshuffles the deck. But the rules of the game are the same: it’s always about human needs.

ChatGPT is great compared to what we had before, in the same way that a car is better than a horse: its optimal for certain tasks under certain constraints.

But it is not a one-stop solution for all business problems or some kind of oracle that knows everything.…

Don’t think about it without a community

As expected, once the bubble burst, NFTs became more of a marketing tool for companies and people with established brands.

The idea of building NFT collections without some kind of community behind them makes it basically impossible for new projects.

Word of mouth is the main driver of consumption. Community is the big invisible barrier that most B2C products have, but almost no one talks about.…

And then pessimism became a competitive sport

“AI is likely to eliminate jobs without creating new ones … Goldman Sachs warned in March that AI would cost the world 300 million jobs, a quarter of the global workforce”.

Biased and anti-human analysis from the big players, as usual.

Here’s another prediction from me:

“Unless power structures, education, culture and society in general change, AI will replace 100% of jobs, including the entire Goldman Sachs organization.”…

What is near me?

Here’s a little hack to reach expats and tourists for marketing campaigns:

– Query Google Trends and extract all the terms related to the query “near me” in the relevant area e.g. Florida (US).
– These searches are mostly made by people on their mobile phones, who do not live in these locations. That’s why you’ll see all the searches for beaches, things to do, clubs, etc.…

If you are a content publisher, get used to the idea that the web and SEO (as we know it) will soon disappear.

What is the point of publishing structured and well-designed information if some kind of intelligent API is going to mix it up and present it at the user’s convenience?

People will simply prefer to interact with a single AI agent and very few will continue to go to old websites to read or make transactions.…

Are Statistical Jump Models and Quantum Systems related?

Statistical Jump Models are used to understand sudden, significant changes in stock prices, which are often called “jumps.”

In the stock market, most of the time, prices move in small increments, either up or down, based on a continuous flow of information. However, occasionally, something big happens—like an unexpected earnings announcement, a merger, or a broader economic event—that causes the stock price to “jump” suddenly.…

Does Amazon expect trillions of returns?

I received an email from Amazon to return something and the QR code for the post office is huge.

– The QR code is 210 x 210 pixels
– which means it contains 44,100 pixels
– which means there are 2^44,100 possible QR codes.

For context, estimates of the number of atoms in the observable universe range from 10^78 to 10^82. Even compared to these staggering numbers, the total possible number of such QR codes dwarfs the number of atoms in the observable universe by many, many orders of magnitude.…

Fractals to store energy

A new cost-effective and efficient supercapacitor made from carbon black and cement could store a day’s worth of energy in the concrete foundation of a building or provide contactless recharging for electric cars as they travel across it. The device could also facilitate the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal power, according to the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Wyss Institute, both in the US, who developed it.…

The real AI is about your time

The real AI thing will be some kind of AI agent that can handle all of your online digital interactions, including but not limited to:

– Managing the agenda,
– Writing and answering emails,
– Web browsing and online transactions,
– Summarising and commenting on news stories
– Taking part in meetings and phone calls, etc.

Imagine having an AI agent that efficiently takes care of all your online interactions, meeting with it for 20-30 minutes a day to give further instructions or get updates, and having the rest of the day to think or do whatever you want.…

ChatGPT does not lie because it does not know the truth

All the “hallucinating” and “AI lies” chatter is based on one big misunderstanding.

The fundamental goal of GPT is for machines to have language skills so that they can interact with you like a real person.

They have been trained on billions of web pages to create content, not to answer accurately every possible question (and there are technical and philosophical reasons for this).…

🎲 Randomness: The Unquantified Elephant in the Investment Room

Two recent lectures emphasize the importance of accurately modeling uncertainty. It’s crucial to distinguish between outliers and noise, rather than mistakenly interpreting them as genuine information about the underlying distribution.

🚨 ‘VC Funds Are Mostly Just Wasting Their Time and Your Money’

A recent study by Morgan Stanley equity strategists, Edward Stanley and Matias Øvrum, critiques the venture capital (VC) industry’s claims of profitability for investors.…

Is Google Going to Become the New Yellow Pages?

Google’s current business model is primarily focused on links and clicks, rather than on AI technology. This is based on the assumption that users interact with the WWW, which is a network of websites and links.

However, as AI assistants become more advanced they will start working as augmented search engines, capable of mimicking human interaction, summarizing and presenting information in a fully customized way, with:

– No ads
– No SEO-optimized article crap
– No cookie banner
– No popups, no usability tricks, etc.…

Introducing the “Hyperion,” a futuristic sports car that pushes the boundaries of automotive design. The Hyperion boasts a sleek, aerodynamic exterior that is finished in a metallic silver paint. Its body is made of lightweight carbon fiber, and features sharp angular lines, a aggressive grille, and thin LED headlights. The car sits on large blacked-out wheels that are encased in high-performance tires, and has a advanced suspension system for enhanced handling.

AI Tech’s moving target

Everyone is confused and stressed about what to build on AI because everyone is focused on a fleeting target: technology.

No one is talking about what businesses really need. The real challenge is not the AI models, but how to create value.

Technology is only part of the equation: the fundamental part is people. The way we communicate and sell to people hasn’t changed in centuries.…

Laplace’s demon incarnated as Stephen Wolfram

This is a sample of how geniuses can also talk nonsense.

Stephen Wolfram completely abduced by Laplace’s demon, determinism, and other 300 years old ideas. This man basically ignores the Uncertainty Principle together with the rest of quantum and chaos theory from the last 100 years.

Its not that molecules trajectories “look” random, its that they are intrinsically random.…

How to properly validate your B2B startup idea

How to properly validate your B2B startup idea without writing a single line of code:

  • Create a nice landing page explaining the problem you want to solve.
  • Offer some exclusive discounts / gifts in exchange for being one of the first testers of your solution.
  • Invest some money in a lead generation campaign to build a database of contacts.
  • Start sending out simple newsletters about the problem and how you are working to solve it.