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Shinto priest blessing the first Japan domestically produced F-35 at Mitsubishi facility, Nagoya, Japan

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Chlorophyll vs Hemoglobin

The composition of a chlorophyll molecule consists of a porphyrin ring linked to a central atom. This structural arrangement closely resembles the heme group present in hemoglobin, with the distinction being that heme’s central atom is iron, whereas chlorophyll’s is magnesium.

Chlorophyll and heme are similar because they are both derived from a common ancestor molecule called tetrapyrrole

Tetrapyrroles are organic compounds that have four pyrrole rings connected by methine bridges.…

A 2D life form created with a single, continuous line

The concept of a 2D life form with a fractal structure for energy exchange is intriguing and speculative, as it goes beyond our current understanding of life forms based on carbon chemistry in three-dimensional space.

Anatomy and Structure:

The life form could have a fractal structure that repeats at various scales. This fractal pattern would allow for efficient surface area maximization, aiding in energy absorption and exchange.…

The Layer 2 Business Opportunity

In this insightful talk, Sam Altman emphasises that only a few companies are likely to have the resources to build and maintain Large Language Models (LLMs) such as GPT-3. However, he foresees the emergence of many “layer two” companies with valuations in excess of a billion dollars over the next decade.

“Layer two” is referring to companies built on top of fine-tuned base models that unlock efficiency and progress in domain-specific industries.…

Robert Edward Grant and the new ORION Messenger

Speaking the truth in just 3 minutes.

Robert Edward Grant introduces the new ORION Messenger, a quantum-secure messaging app that empowers sovereign communities through free speech.

ORION is the only platform allowing for large encrypted group chat and social media communications in an unmonitored and uncensorable environment.

The evolution of boundary conditions and borders is happening at a rapid pace, primarily due to the accelerated evolution of the digital space.…

Using AI for Product Ideation

An interesting take on a very interesting topic: can we get creative, valuable ideas from generative AI?.

Some weeks ago I wrote about the core of this problem: finding “what we don´t know that we don´t know“.

But could AI generate the next billion-dollar business idea? Product ideation is the best place to start. If you only have vague initial ideas, generative AI can really help to crystallise them.…

GPT-You: The Last Mile in GPT Models

Achieving real value depends on moving from theoretical models to production-level accuracy. This shift requires investment in data tagging and development.

Specialised, fine-tuned models consistently outperform generic counterparts such as ChatGPT, and outperform alternative approaches such as zero-shot learning and prompt-based methods, as shown in studies.…

Metacognition as a Learning Tool

If you want to get a clearer view of any subject than you have at present, address yourself mentally to the abstract soul of that subject, and ask it to tell you about itself, and you will find that it will do so.

I do not say that it will do this in any miraculous manner, but what you already know of the subject will range itself into a clearer order, and you will see connections that have not previously occurred to you.…

El Nuevo Armagedón de la Inteligencia Artificial

Leyendo cada día sobre inteligencia artificial se diría que los robots vienen a por todos nosotros. Primero por los puestos de trabajo, y luego por las personas.

Los tecno-hippies se han escapado otra vez de Sillicon Valley. Y con sus amigos periodistas le explican a la gente cómo serán sus no-vidas dentro unos pocos años. Siempre muy pocos años, ya que el fin del mundo siempre está muy cerca, pero al mismo tiempo se demora paulatinamente.…

Is it worth creating new products on top of ChatGPT?

The fact that OpenAI has just released enough updates to destroy a lot of AI startups and plugins should make everyone think.

Does it still make sense to build products on top of the platform? Why should you invest time and money in creating new products that could soon be cannibalised by these people?

Yet it does make sense why? because most users wont get into paid options, not to mention complex configuration menus.…

Google Brain cofounder says Big Tech companies are lying about the risks of AI wiping out humanity because they want to dominate the market

Its called “regulatory capture”.

Statistics on numerical hallucinations with GPT

If you try in ChatGPT:

“what is the numeric value of 2 * ( 5 * 2 ) replacing ‘*’ by the addition operator?”

You will mostly get wrong answers.

A simulation of 25 questions / answers using davinci 3, gets 50% of the answers right and wrong.

Answer: ’20’ – Count: 13
Answer: ‘2 + 5 + 2 = 9′ – Count: 9
Answer: ’22’ – Count: 2
Answer: ’14’ – Count: 1

Results show how the machine always remembers the expression but in half of the answers it has forgotten the basic premise.…

Humans are not systems of equations

The belief that human intelligence, nature and many other forms of complexity (e.g. global climate) are some statistical trick of variables and parameters is one of the many lies spread by the media and some “experts”.

None of these people are aware that the dicotomy ‘hardware (body) vs software (mind)’ is rooted in the ‘body vs soul’ paradigm of the old times.…

Business idea generator with 5 parameters

For this business generator, we will use up to five parameters to test the model’s ability to generate creative and innovative business ideas.

Parameters will include:
– Industries: the primary areas of activity, including clean energy, health, and others.
– Models: revenue models, such as subscription, e-commerce, and more.
– Funding: Stage of project funding, including pre-seed, seed, bootstrapped, etc.…

Meaning is in the eye of the observer

Meaning is in the eye of the observer. The Chinese Room argument is more valid than ever.

In the Chinese Room argument, someone is in a closed room with a slit and has all sorts of books available to encode/decode Chinese.

Everything that comes through the slit can be sent back translated. From the outside it looks like you know Chinese, but you don’t, you’re just connecting symbols without any idea of what’s being said inside.…

Generador de Ideas de Negocio

Vamos a utilizar un poco de código y la plataforma de ChatGPT (OpenAI) con el fin de crear un generador de ideas de negocio que poder utilizar en HAL.

Para mantener una homogeneidad en los resultados y poder utilizarlos a su vez en un posible fine-tuning vamos a considerar 3 parámetros fundamentales, por simplicidad serán:

– Actividad o industria: salud, talleres mecánicos, inmobiliaria
– Ubicación: Madrid o Valencia
– Financiación: Sin financiación, con 500K de capital semilla.…

Machine Learning and the Data Gold Rush

For the last 200-300 years there’s been something called regression statistics, a regression algorithm that relates known, pre-defined things (‘today is Friday’) to knowledge about other things (‘you use LinkedIn’).

But with machine learning we get into Bayesian algorithms, which means you don’t need a human to pre-define what’s important.…

HAL: Soluciones de IA Generativa para Negocios

Internet es una imagen especular de la realidad en formato digital. Todo lo que está ocurriendo y buena parte de lo que va a ocurrir está ahí, codificado en forma de datos.

Los negocios no son ajenos a todo esto. Para saber qué buscan tus clientes, extraer conocimiento de tendencias y previsiones, saber qué acciones de marketing realizar, cómo vender más o interaccionar más tiempo con clientes debes mirar y actuar en la red.…

The most interesting finding of the AI revolution is about learning

Artificial intelligence finds and builds patterns in data. But arranging alphabetical symbols in a way that makes sense to us does not imply intelligence or a sense of meaning.

A stable diffusion model helps you design cars or houses, but it has no idea of the real meaning of those shapes. It goes no further than knowing that they belong to a particular archetypal class or ‘latent space’.…

Chat with PDF Documents using Embeddings

Goal is to convert lengthy documents into numerical representations (vector embeddings) and store them in a vector search engine.

When users engage in conversation with the documents, the system employs Approximate Nearest Neighbor search to find and return relevant text responses. This is achieved using:

– OpenAI’s cost-effective ChatGPT API (gpt-3.5-turbo)
– The vector database, Chroma, is suitable when used alongside LangChain for building applications with Large Language Models (LLMs).…

What’s OpenAI’s strategy?

People are abandoning ChatGPT, and OpenAI is trying to find a feature that helps the app gain traction. There’s no denying its success, but it’s also hard to ignore user churn numbers. ChatGPT has a 56% user retention rate after one month. It performs better than most AI-first apps but is well below social media apps like TikTok or YouTube.

I would follow the same strategy that SAP did 20 years ago: build an ecosystem of integrators and consultancies to create real products and value, so that I could focus on the base layer of technology.…

AI: The real value is in what we don’t know that we don’t know.

Most of the queries that people and businesses make to chatgpt are to retrieve known data that can be found online. And so we expect it to provide real answers to real, concrete questions.

But knowing what the network knows, or even what it ‘knows it doesn’t know’, doesn’t really make a competitive difference: there are lots of people and resources working on it.…

Custom ChatGPT is about prompt engineering

Most people assume that we can train or customise ChatGPT with our own data. But while the end result looks like this, things are fundamentally different. Technically no one can train ChatGPT on your data. OAI doesn’t have an option for it.

At the root of this issue is that each chatgpt thread or API request starts a new conversation, which means the model has no natural memory of conversations.…

Being your own category

Ralph Lauren built his $7.54 billion empire & hates ‘fashion’.

“I never thought I was in the fashion business. If somebody said, ‘Are you a fashion designer’, no, I hate fashion.”

That’s the common theme of the .00001%; they exist entirely in their own lane, casting & refining their vision day in and day out.…

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