Luis García de la Fuente


The Simulation

The mind is capable of seeing the future and navigating alternative realities through inspirations and desires. All these potential realities become objectively real when we focus our attention on them. All of creation in its infinite versions is ready, but it is up to us which part is represented and what role we play, like in a video game. That’s the Simulation.…

Technology adoption is not what you think it is

In the real world, money flows to the ideas that are the easiest to find, or the most familiar. And these are not necessarily the best ones (sorry VCs, you know I´m right).

People in general is not willing to use the newly available technologies because they are complex to understand. These technologies are full of mumbo jumbo which mean nothing to most.

This is what happens in the crypto industry.…

The Great Growth Hoax

If you ever thought that there is something deeply wrong with the economy, you are right.

GDP is not a measure of the standard of living or even economic growth. It is a measure of output — stuff going on as measured in dollar terms, whether necessary, productive, society serving, efficient or not at all.

Essentially, [GDP is measuring] the pace at which we’re going Soviet, replacing private wealth with government waste.

El Infinito es una Ilusión

El infinito es una percepción resultado de un universo con más dimensiones que nosotros.

Si un hombre de 2 dimensiones paseara por la superficie de la tierra llegaría a la conclusión de que ésta es infinita en todas sus direcciones. Y si andara lo suficiente, se encontraría en el mismo punto de partida pero visto desde el otro sentido.

Análogamente el universo nos resulta inabarcable porque no podemos abstraernos al tiempo.…

Custom GPTs are a step in the opposite direction to AGI

Hopefully, sooner or later, people will realise that custom GPTs are not exactly the way to achieve AGI.

Actually having to tell the model which other model to use to perform certain tasks is the exact opposite of AGI.

Among many other things, AGI is solving all your problems online, learning from mistakes, exploring new creative and efficient ways to deliver value, interacting with you as a conscious independent being, etc… and all of this implies that you do not tell the model how to do things, even at an abstract semantic level.…

The Moving Target of Technology

Everyone is confused and stressed about what to build on AI because everyone is focused on a moving target: technology.

No one is talking about what companies really need. The real challenge is not the AI models, the blockchain, the apps and so on, but how to create value.

Technology is a moving target and will remain so. Its only part of the equation: the fundamental part is people.…

Whenever you see someone trying to help “all mankind” with some utopian or impossible proposal, be afraid.

The economies of scale of AI are now working at full speed

The explosion of AI startups in dozens of sectors masks something many of them share: They are increasingly built on top of standardized technology from a few AI giants like OpenAI, Google, and Meta. This puts a premium on strategy over proprietary technology.

La gota de agua que cae es tu conciencia, generando las ondas que hacen el mundo. El mundo empieza por ti mismo: pensamientos, emociones, cuerpo, etc. El espíritu cae en el mundo material y se mezcla con él tomando forma, ya sea directamente como un árbol, o a través de ti.

About GPT-5 in S.Altman Interview

In the interview with Sam Altman, he discusses the unexpected success and transformative impact of ChatGPT and GPT-4, emphasizing their greater usefulness than initially anticipated. He provides insights into GPT-5, highlighting its increased intelligence and capacity to handle longer, more complex problems. Altman envisions a shift towards natural language interfaces for computer interactions, where workflows are conducted inside language models.…

La complejidad es la toxina de las sociedades modernas.
Las webs, las noticias, los contenidos viven de generar complejidad.

Can you imagine a room without elephants without first thinking of elephants?

Perhaps generative AI actually draws and speaks its thoughts, rather than what you ask it to do.

La esponja de Menger es un fractal de 3 dimensiones de volumen 0 y superficie infinita. Esto significa que esta geometría se podría usar para disipar el calor de máquinas de forma ultra-eficiente toda vez que además la resistencia mecánica estaría bastante asegurada.

fractal dimension log(20)/log(3) ≈ 0.909
volume = lim as n-∞ of (20/27)ⁿ = 0
surface = lim as n-∞ of (4/3)ⁿ = ∞…

Conciousness is not Computable

In this interview, Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist, discusses his interest in consciousness and its departure from his usual scientific pursuits. His fascination emerged from early discussions with his father about the computational nature of consciousness. During his undergraduate studies, exposure to Godel’s theorem and discussions on quantum mechanics further shaped his views.…

About the GPT Store

It is like SAP inviting people to build and sell their own ERP based on SAP. Makes sense if its focused on custom knowledge for specific business cases.

But people interested in custom GPTs are mostly companies and professionals. And companies need reliable and qualified custom services, not just “plug-ins of expertise”.

It will all depend on implementation, but I wouldn’t try to be all things to all people.…

Testing different GPT models to check hallucinations

It is important to note that what most people are using (the gpt-3.5 version) is probably a dumb gpt-4, not an older version of the model. I have no way of proving this, it is just an intuition given the results of this and other tests.

For this test, we want to test both the hallucinatory bias and the ability to calculate of the gpt model. The best way to do this is to ask the model to do some arithmetic according to an abstract rule (see the code above).…

The fallacy of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

The fallacy of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

UBI is never a solution, it will lead to inflation and become worthless almost immediately.

Then governments will impose price controls to satisfy the plebs, leading to shortages of basic goods. That’s when violence and real dictatorship begin.

This is all very basic economics; socialism does not need to be reinvented.…

How do we get to UBI and Post-Labor Economics?

How do we get to UBI and Post-Labor Economics? Decentralized Ownership: the New Social Contract!

UBI is never a solution, it will lead to inflation and become basically worthless almost immediately, then governments will impose price controls which will lead to shortages of basic goods. Socialism has already been invented and this is very basic economics, don’t be fooled by the UBI stupidity.…

Almas de Metal, a caballo entre 2001 y Blade Runner

Almas de Metal, a caballo entre 2001 y Blade Runner, antecedente de Terminator. Una obra de arte de la ciencia ficción, recreada como serie hace muy pocos años por HBO con Anthony Hopkins en “Westworld”.

El hombre en su esquizofrenia filosófica afirma no haber sido creado por nadie, y al mismo tiempo cree poder fabricar máquinas conscientes y por lo tanto creativas.…

The Frontier of Automation

IMF Report: AGI destroys all jobs within 5 to 20 years! Frontier of Automation expands beyond humans

Anton Korinek
Fellow, Brookings Institute
Professor, UVA
Former, Johns Hopkins, IMF

Frontier of Automation – Task complexity of machines increases over time
Unbounded Distribution – Human task complexity can go up indefinitely, meaning that some people will always be ahead of AGI and ASI
Bounded Distribution – Humans have a maximum task complexity (Theory of General Relativity)

Outlines 3 Scenarios

The time machine of reality

This is machine learning training on landscapes.

StyleGAN3 is a generative adversarial network that is particularly effective at generating photorealistic faces.

A latent space of shapes in generative AI looks like a time machine, because reality is like a time machine.

Millions of years are passing in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds.

Reality is an archetypal film that reproduces a higher dimensional manifold that contains everything at once.…

Could AI Run the Government?

People entrust their lives to very simple AI mechanisms like traffic lights, I don’t see any reason why public budgets and investments couldn’t be managed by transparent and accountable AI systems.

The real reason for AI regulation is not the “Terminator might come true” argument (only a few ignorant people believe that). The reason is to make it clear to everyone that society needs ‘protectors’ such as corporations and politicians.…

Yes, we are living in a space-time that is a reflection of a higher dimensional world that is governed by consciousness and whose gatekeeper is the here and now.

Hallucinations, biggest issue with LLMs

People continue to use LLMs as talking encyclopaedias, completely unaware of the fact that these tools need to be primed with factual data.