It is not about who had the big idea first, but who was able to build and ship the product first.

The true measure of success lies in the ability to deploy and test the idea (as a product) and scale it to a wider audience (with marketing).

Google is the leader in search and the pay-per-click advertising model. But Google didn’t invent these ideas: there were players in these areas before.

Google is the one that has clearly benefited the most, because it has been able to scale and successfully deliver the product to everyone.

Many years have passed, and OpenAI has built its technology on Google’s Attention Mechanism paper.

And now OpenAI’s ChatGPT is becoming the ‘standard’ in AI. Why? Because they knew how to build something like ChatGPT and ship it to everyone. Google didn’t because they were too scared or too big to move forward.

Original ideas have intrinsic value, but having an original idea is just the beginning!.